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Cocoon Convective Warming Machine CWS 4000 10 Key Points

- Dual, self-resetting, 53degree celcius thermostats assure patient safety.
- Heating element incorporating thermal switch and thermal fuse provides system protection in case of air flow failure.
- Hepa filter ensures clean air delivery to patient.
- Thoughtfully designed air intake does not draw air from the floor area maximising filter life.
- Filter status indicator takes the guesswork out of filter maintenance.
- Microprocessor control delivers excellent safety and performance.
- Built-in computer communication port facilitates easy testing and service.
- Retractable metal bed rails offer a strong, convenient, fold-away bed mounting.
- Flexible mounting options of IV pole or stand to suit your needs.
- Protective hose cover delivers thermal insulation and ease of cleaning.

Cocoon Disposable Convective Warming Blankets Key Points

- Unique design.
- Engineered to gave maximum use of air flow.
- Micro porous hole system to give laminar air flow.
- Colour coded for easy identification.
- Designed to allow draping effect to thereby keeping the warm air where it is required on the patientís body.
- Multi adaptable inlet port to allow the use of other warm air blowers.
- Manufactured from soft materials to give greater comfort to the patient.


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